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Utilizing the principals of Ayurveda we work toward restoring balance by applying a multitude of modalities, including Acu Pressure, Aquassage, Aromatherapy, Cranialsacral, Deep Tissue, Herbology, Hot Stone, Marma Point, Melchizedek, Myofacial Release and Unwinding, Pregnancy, Reconnection, Refexology, Reiki, Sports, Swedish and Toning.  

½ hour             $30

1 hour              $50     

1 and ½ hour     $75

2 hours             $95

Preferred Client Discount: purchase 6 appointments and receive 7.

Soma Neuromuscular Integration and Deep Tissue Somassage

1 hour              $60

1 and 1/2 hour   $90

2 hours           $120


Access many imbalances through working the reflex points of the feet. Very relaxing includes hot herbal foot bath.                 50.00  1 hour

TMJ Dysfunction Therapy


Specially trained and certified to address issues involving TMJ problems.

Raindrop Aromatherapy   

Eleven potent essential oils are massaged into the back and vita flex points and then driven deep into the tissues with moist heat. This therapy benefits the spine and nervous system.                                          $100  1 hour

Hot Stone Massage

This is a deep massage with the added benefit of penetrating heat from naturally smooth stones from the Chehalis and Newalkum rivers.    $75    1 hour

Pregnancy Package

Ease the discomforts of pregnancy, reduce pain during labor, recover to a supple, energetic mom and begin a loving bond with your baby in a way that enhances their own growth and development. Recieve 7, 1 hour pregnancy massage sessions for before and after the birth. Also included is a private class on infant massage with the parents and baby.   $300.00

Ayurvedic Services   

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation 

A 3 hour, 2 part conversation to gain in depth detail and knowledge of your constitution with diet and lifestyle recommendations that help to bring about and maintain balance.Discover your unique constitution and how to maintain optimal vitality.   

$120  2 appointments


Therapeutic massage using warm, fragrant herbal oils that will leave you feeling cleansed, relaxed, nourished and rejuvenated.                     $100  1 ½ hours

Synchronised abhyanga with 2 therapists.                      150.00

Shirodhara Bliss Therapy

A continuous pouring of warm herbal oil over the forehead that induces a deeply relaxing and blissful state of consciousness. Includes massage to the scalp, face, neck, hands and feet. Experience why we call this "bliss therapy.                         $130  1 ½ hours


Experience the warm oil shirodhara in conjunction with other therapies.                 $50  1 hour

Healing Oil Basti       

A spot treatment for areas holding excess stress and emotion. Soften and release old patterns and bring needed nourishment to the tissues. 

Added to other service            $40  ½ hour

Singular treatment                  $70  1 hour                            

Netra Basti

Traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment involving bathing the eyes in ghee to relieve eye tension, improve vision, and soothe the nervous system. Brings radiant luster to the eyes and face.

Added to other service            $50  ½ hour

Singular treatment                  $80  1 hour     

Ayurvedic Face and Scalp Massage (aka. Champassage) 

This traditional head massage has many therapeutic benefits and is recommended for any problems from the shoulders up, including tinnitus, sinusitis and headaches.An excellent beautifying and toning therapy.                                                                 $80  1 hour

Affordable Home Pancha Karma Program

This is a bare bones "do it yourself" package which includes consultation, herbs, spices and basic foods for a 10 day cleanse. You will have to purchase some foods. 

Any bodywork to support your Home Pancha Karma can be scheduled and will be billed according to the Menu of Services. 

185.00 US  


Pancha Karma Program at Shady Grove Retreat Center

It is recommended to schedule 5 days minumum at Shady Grove for your Pancha Karma Retreat. Less is okay and more is better. The details are on the Pancha Karma page. The rate is 300.00 a day US. Room charge is extra and there are different options for accomodations, please ask. 



 24 hour notice required for cancellations (fees may apply).

Gratuities are not expected or necessary, but are always appreciated.

  Ask about additional discounts on all services for seniors over 65 years, students, and those in need.

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